Sr No                                                TITLE PAGE NO
1 Beta Thalassemia: A Not-So-Rare Genetic Disorder In Pakistan          by Rhea Aqueel and Iram Anjum      1-7
2 Utilization Of Inulin-Rich Plant Extracts In Probiotic Bacterial Culture For Lactase Production                                                                              by Sarosh Khawaja, Sundus Mubashir and Shahnaz Choudhry      8-17
3 Branched Chained Amino Acids Enriched Bar And Chronic Liver Disease: A Case Study                                                                                by Khadija Arshad, Rabia Naz, Mahnaz Nasir and Nadia Akram     18-22
4 How Pakistanis Eat: A Qualitative Study Of Food Choices In Typical  Pakistani Home Food Preparation                                                           by Mahnaz Nasir Khan1, Memoona Khalid and Nasreen Kausar    23-30
5 Optimization Of Growth Medium And Conditions For The Maximum Production Of Glucose Isomerase By Cs1 Bacterial Strain                  by Rabia Iftikhar, Hooria Younas, Anum Waqar and Mishal Tariq    31-45
6 5G Radio Access Networks Based on Fog Computing: An Overview      by Tayyabah Hassan, Wajiha Ajmal Khan , Dr. M. Rizwan , Fahad Ahmad and Usman Sattar    46-51
7 Association Of Leptin Hormone With Obesity                                        by Syyada Samra Jaffri, Aqsa Babar, Bakhtawar Attique, Gull-e-lalah Saleem, Laiba  Fatima, Tayyaba Noor and Zainab Masood    52-66
8 A Virtual Reality Based Clinical Mobile Assistant in Remote Areas of Pakistan                                                                                                        by Nimra Dilawar, Sara Nadeem, Fahad Ahmad, Muhammad Rizwan, and Kashaf Junaid     67-79
9 Implementation of Wire Resistance Compensation Technique on Direct Sensor to Atmel 89c51 Microcontroller Interface                      by Amber Kazmi     80-88
10 In Vitro Anthelmintic Activity of Extracts of Withania Somnifera        by Zeb Saddiqe, Saba Khalid, Alya Maimoona     89-97
11 Applications of Chemically Modified Cellulose Filter Paper: A Review  by Areesha Waheed, Rubaisa Tabassum, Maheera Gill, Amna Mustansir and Ghazala Yaqub     98-107
12 Green Communication In Wireless Networks And Iot                          by Shumaila Shahzadi , M. Rizwan , Fahad Ahmad   108-118
13 A Proposed Circuit Of Darlington Pair Based On Triple Jfet Configuration                                                                                               by Samia Maqsood and Amna Khalid    119-123
14 Engineering Safety Case Arguments Using Gsn Standards                  by Maidah Mumtaz, Sidra Anwar, Nahal Mumtaz and Tabassum Kausar    124-131