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1 Garcinia Indica (Thouars) Choisy: Its Ethnobotanical Knowledge, Phytochemical Studies, Pharmacological Aspects, Future Prospects by Siddhartha Rajendra Maurya,  Ayeshabi Saeed Haji & Dr. Nisha Shah  1192-1211
2 Prevalence of work-related musculoskeletal discomfort in office employees during COVID-19 in Punjab Pakistan Muhammad Ali Naseem, Anum Tariq, Tehreem Zulfiqar, Usman Ilyas & Mudassir Jehanzeb 1212-1221
3 Synthesis, Single Crystal X-Ray and Biological Study of Transition Metal Complexes of N,N-Donor Schiff Base Ligand: N 1 ,N 2 -Bis[(4-Methoxyphenyl)Methylidene]-1,2-Ethanediamine by Muhammad Aslam , Itrat Anis, Zahra Noreen, Asma Chaudhary, Abrar Hussain, Mehreen Lateef, Muhammad Mansha & Aamir Ali 1222-1232
4 Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude and Practice About Sorghum as A Gluten Free Cereal by Kalsoom Akhtar Chaudhry, Ayesha Fazal, Aimen Tariq & Aamra Batool 1233-1242
5 A Mathematical Model for Prediction of Temperature and Concentration Profiles of Chemical Species in Nonisothermal Multiple-Compartment Systems by Oludare Adedire 1243-1260
6 Spirulina: A Miracle Food for Life on Earth by Naseem Zahra, Asma Saeed, Muhammad Khalid Saeed, Quart-ul-Ain Syed, Syed & Hussain Imam Abidi  1261-1271
7 Exploration Of Nematicidal Properties Of Several Organic Products Against Root-Knot Nematode (Meloidogyne Incognita) In Capsicum Annuum L by Sarir Ahmad , Hamid Rasheed , Bibi Safia , Ayesha Hameed , Ikram Ullah  & Sumbal 1272-1281
8 Determination of Selected Pesticides Residue in Selected Fruits and Vegetables of an Agricultural Area of Okara by Dr. Amber Fatima,Dr. Ghazala Yaqub, Maheera Gill & Amina Mustansir 1282-1298
9 Incidence and Plant Extract Management of Fungal Pathogens Associated with Sweet Pepper (Capsicum Annuum L.) Fruit Diseases in Sokoto State Nigeria by Abubakar Shehu  1299-1312
10 Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis: An Overview of Techniques and Application by Muhammad Rizwan Rashid Rana  1313-1326
11 Epidemiological Investigations and Genotypic Distribution of Hepatitis B And C in District Gilgit, Pakistan by, Kashmala Jamil, Khalil Ahmad, Minhas Alam, Saif-Ud-Din, Maisoor Ahmed Nafees &, Saeed Abbas 1327-1338
12 Evaluation Of Proximate, Mineral and Vitamin Composition of Selected Food Samples and Formulated Diets Used as Local Weaning Food in Nigeria by Austin C. Nwachinemerem , Enyinnaya Anthony Ogbonnaya  & Joyce Oronne. Akaninwor 1339-1353
13 Determination of  Drinking Water Quality of Samanabad Town, Lahore by Rukha Khalid & Aiman Arif 1354-1390
14 Temperature, Transmittance and Spectrum Dependent Scattering in Atmosphere by Saddam Husain Dhobi & Bibek Koirala  1391-1401
15 Software Results of Pure Recurrence Relation of Batemans Polynomial and Extended Bateman Polynomial by Ms. Zeba Suhail &  Amna Tanveer 1402-1407