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1 The Effectiveness of the Emo Demo Method to The Knowledge and Behavior of Cigarettes by  Winda Triana , Ervon Veriza , La Ode Reskiaddin, Puspitasari 1017-1026
2 Heavy Metals Assessment of Imported Clupea Harengus Sold by Cold-Rooms in Lagos State of Nigeria by Muda B. Okunade, Olusola D. Ogundele, Temitope E. Anaun, and Caroline O. Olulana 1027-1036
3 Analysis of Undernourished in Children Aged 6-24 Months in Buton North District: Cross-Sectional Study by Wa Ode Salma, Adibin, Mirnawati 1037-1046
4 Hypoglycemic and Hypolipidemic Activity of Stevia by  Misbah Arshad, Momina Shahid, Shahnai Basharat, Amir Iqbal 1047-1055
5 Environmental Health and Safety Risks in Children Working in Various Informal Sectors:  A Comparative Study of Two Districts of Punjab by Wajiha Ali, Muzaffar Majid, Tahmina Shoaib 1056-1070
6 Evaluation of the Efficacy of Indigenous Botanical Extracts as Growth Inhibitors Against Tribolium Castaneum by Saif-Ud-Din, Shaukat Ali, Maisoor ahmed Nafees, Muhammad Arshad, Salar Ali, Nighat Gul, Babar Hussain 1071-1079
7 Impact of Covid-19 Lockdown on Mental Health in Students by Amsa Fatima, Misbah Arshad, Rimsha Sajjad Hussain, Ayesha Ahmed Khan, Usama Mustafa, Fariha Rehman, Ramish Fatima, Muhammad Hamza Riaz 1080-1087
8 Aptitude of Rehabilitation Centers: A Study of Gujranwala Division by  Maqsood Anwar, Adila Kokab, Muhammad Aslam Sager 1088-1095
9 Therapeutic Effect of Sesamum Indicum L. Supplementation On Blood Lipid Profile Among Mild to Moderate Hyperlipidemic Patients by Misbah Arshad, Shahnai Basharat, Shahid Bashir, Maimoona Ashfaq 1096-1104
10 Synthesis of Manganese-Cobalt Hydrous Oxides Nanoparticles Doped Biochar for Removal of Chromium (Vi) From Water by Sana Khalid, Rabia Nazir, Sajid Rashid Ahmad, Muhammad Nawaz Chaudhry, Muhammad Ibrar 1105-1124
11 Repercussions of The World Transition to Remote Work System During Covid Pandemic: Increased Instances of Occupational Health and Safety Issues Among Students and Professionals by Almas Hamid, Kalsoom Akhtar Chaudhry, Faiza Shahzad, Khadija Masood, Sana Akhtar 1125-1143
12 Geology, Stratigraphy, Structural Analysis and Petrography of Qalandarabad Area with Special Emphasis On Tanol Formation, Hazara Division, Pakistan by Nazafat Taskeen, Hafiz Muhammad Zulfiqar Ali, Farrukh Raheem Shahzad, Rabia Imtiaz, Muhammad Nadeem Anjum 1144-1154
13 Extraction and Estimation of Nicotine in Tobacco Using Polarimetry by Aamir Ali, Waqas Chohan, Muhammad Mansoor, Muhammad Ayaz Afridi, Habib ur Rehman, Aasir Ali 1155-1166
14 Geology and Micropalaeontology of Kirthar Group of Sulaiman Range, Dera Ghazi Khan, Punjab, Pakistan by Hafiz Muhammad Zaheer Afzal, Muhammad Imran, Saeedullah Salar, Hafiz Muhammad Zulfiqar Ali, Aamir Ali 1167-1176
15 Relationship Between PRP Therapy and Inflammatory Signaling Concerning Hepatocytes Regeneration by Muddasir Hassan Abbasi, Adil Farooq, Muhammad Babar khawar, Nadeem Sheikh 1177-1191